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AJAX.NET for Rich, Responsive User Interfaces

The AJAX.NET library, a component of the .NET framework, allows you to compartmentalize complex Web pages in to sections where that section - and only that section - interacts with the behind the scenes coding. This is known as a Partial Postback and stops the need for the entire page to be refreshed. Dynamically, only that section of the Web page is refreshed.

AJAX.NET solved a long standing problem with Internet browsing - each and every time a user made a change on the page it required the entire page to be posted back to the server causing the entire page to be refreshed. All this despite the fact that the user may only be updating a certain part of the page. This also caused the user to have to start at the top and scroll back to where they were.

With AJAX.NET, we can stop this from happening by writing code that will only update that one segment of the Web page where an action is performed without a full screen refresh. This can be very beneficial on complex reporting pages or pages where our data driven functionality is a scrollable amount of distance from the top.

AJAX.NET features allow your Website to act more like a desktop application.

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