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Hiring Us for Your Web Development Project

We offer flexible billing options for our services especially for long-term Web development assignments.

Below are the general guidelines of how we like to be compensated for our services. In our experience, we have found that these options are a win/win for both us and our clients. Everything is negotiable. We will work with you to find an option that works best for you.

Cost of Your Project

In most cases, we only work hourly. The types of projects we take on for our clients tend to be large and complex. As the saying goes, software is never done.

In order for both parties to get exactly what they are looking for with the freedom and flexibility to make a left turn (or two), hourly is the best way to go. Everybody gets what they want.

We will work with you to fully scope out your project prior to development beginning to give you an accurate estimate of what we think it will cost. We will update you on a regular basis as to hours accumulated on the project.

Short-term Development Projects (within 30 days)

Short term projects usually require a deposit to begin with the remaining due that the end of the project or 30 days, whichever comes first.

After the initial project is developed/launched, changes and additions will be done at an hourly rate and billed every two weeks.

Long-term Development Projects (continuous and on-going)

If you are looking to outsource your development long-term then we generally bill every two weeks.

New projects will usually start as a short-term project does (above). Beyond that, we will invoice your organization every two weeks for our services.

Most takeover projects will be billed every two weeks from the onset.

We will often reduce our hourly rate for a contract of this nature permitting the development is regular and on-going. In addition, we may work out an agreement with you to do all your development work for a flat bi-weekly fee on a long-term contract (6 months, one year, etc...).

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