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A Web developer is the equivalent of an auto-mechanic.

A Web designer is the equivalent of an auto body specialist.

Would you expect one person to be able to do both?

We are Web developers (auto-mechanics). We are not designers. Web design is its own beast. In the present day of mobile devices, it is far more complex than it ever was. There is just too much to know to be good Web developers (programmers as we are) and also be good at Web design.

We can create an aesthetically pleasing Website for you and we can even use CSS to make it responsive so it fits nicely in different devices. Often times, Websites that are heavily data driven are nothing more than that.

But if your Website will require a rich front-end with a lot of custom graphics and advanced style elements then an independent 3rd party will need to come in and handle the design unless you have in-house capabilities to do it.

We can then take the design templates (or elements) created by the designer and integrate them in to your Website.

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