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Stored Procedures / T-SQL

TConsult Web Dev uses stored procedures for ALL of our database queries to ensure a safe, fast database environment for your applications.

In order to utilize a secure environment for SQL database queries while maximizing performance and minimizing trips between the application and database, we put all our database logic in to stored procedures on Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Stored procedures are stand alone objects that are built and reside on the database. They are outside of the Website coding environment.

Stored Procedures hold two distinct advantages over application based (inline) SQL database calls:
  1. They are safer. Inline SQL database queries are subject to script injection attacks. Stored procedures eliminate this security hazard.
  2. They are faster. Multiple sql jobs related to one action can be put in to one stored procedure. This eliminates the need to go redundantly back and forth between the application and SQL database as each query executes in succession.
Stored procedures on Microsoft SQL Databases are written in their own programming language called T-SQL. T-SQL stands for Transact SQL. T-SQL is Microsoft's custom version of the SQL programming language built specifically to run on Microsoft's SQL Server Platform. T-SQL allows a database administrator to perform a variety of functions specific to managing and building robust SQL Server database solutions.

With our stored procedure techniques you can be sure that your SQL Database will be safe and your Website will run faster.

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