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SQL Databases & Server

Any data driven Website requires data storage. Our data driven Website solutions are backed with Microsoft SQL Server Databases (also known as MSSQL Databases) and have been for over ten years.

SQL Server Databases are robust and made for serving large amounts of data in rapid fashion. As the name would imply, a SQL database is actually a database server. Unlike other types of transferable databases such as Excel or Access, SQL databases are stand alone applications that are secure, fail proof, and have scalable features built in for efficiency.

One of the biggest benefits to a SQL database solution is stored procedures. Stored procedures are pieces of data processing code that reside on the database server and only execute there. This eliminates the need to make constant trips between your Website code and the database. Instead of making five trips back and forth to complete one process, we store all five steps of processing in a stored procedure to make your application faster. Read More

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