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Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) - Dedicated Server Management

Not everyone can be on a shared hosting plan. Some Websites require their own dedicated Web server be it due to volume of traffic, volume of data being exchanged, or their solution requires special system configurations and 3rd party software to get them to where they want to be.

Leasing your own dedicated server puts you in full control of your operations nearly from top to bottom. The only problem is you need someone to administer and maintain that system for you.

TConsult Web Dev works exclusively with the Microsoft technologies and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) - also referred to at times as Windows Server. We have worked with IIS and we have managed IIS servers for clients since 1997.

Some Notes About IIS Management
Managing a IIS server is not an involved process after the initial set-up. Clients should not expect that the management of IIS requires attention on a daily basis. Once configured properly they are very stable systems.

Over the years hardware (chips, RAM, drives) have become more and more powerful. It is not uncommon for a dedicated Web server with IIS to not only host your Websites but your SQL Server database and your mail server as well. We have vast experience with multi-service dedicated systems and this is now common practice.

The full-scale dedicated Web server is not a major requirement as it was just a few years ago as Cloud Hosting (the process of taking one Web server and splitting it in to several) has become more popular and cost-effective. Getting your own dedicated cloud is just like having your own dedicated Web server permitting you go with a cloud provider that offers a fully dedicated cloud that has no restrictions.

TConsult Web Dev DOES NOT have our own hosting facility. Instead we make recommendations to clients for reputable hosting companies that offer dedicated systems with a proven track record of trust and reliability.

Data back-ups normally incur additional fees when using dedicated systems.

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