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EXCEL & CSV Uploading

Large eCommerce stores that have hundreds and thousands of items need a way for store administrators to add and update large product indexes. If you will be adding or updating hundreds or thousands of items at a time to your eCommerce store then you likely will not want to do that one by one. You need a way to get them in their faster.

Through proper planning and a synchronized process we can build your store so you can make additions and changes to multiple items in your Website's database by uploading EXCEL or CSV files in the administrative section of your Website.

How It Works
1. We work with you to build a standard EXCEL or CSV file with the required fields.

2. We add a feature to the administrative section of your eCommerce store where you can go and upload these files.

3. You build the file with all the items you need to add or change.

4. You then go to your administrative section of your eCommerce store and upload the file. The programming will analyze each row in the file using a unique identifier such as the Product ID to check for matches in the database. If the Product ID is already found to exist in the database then the item is updated. If it is not found then the item is added.

This feature is usually only requested on the largest of eCommerce stores but sometimes small eCommerce retailers user it as well.

Things to Keep in Mind
The EXCEL or CSV files used must have standard column headers and they cannot be changed. Once the master file is created it is the prototype for all of the uploads you will do.

Care must be taken when adding data to these files. If data is put in to the wrong columns or fields are left blank then the entire upload will need to be erased. We tag all of your uploads so the data goes in to the database in sets. That way if an upload needs to be removed we know exactly what records were added as part of that upload.

Pertaining to the above, we can also automate the process of removing an upload by providing a feature that will let you review your uploads and remove any or all records.

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