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TConsult Web Dev builds Internet solutions using ASP.NET with Microsoft SQL Server Databases on the back-end. We have used the Microsoft technologies to provide solutions to clients since day one and we have worked with ASP.NET since July 2000 - well over a year before it was officially released.

ASP.NET offers more bang for your buck with it's built in features that eliminate the redundancy caused by many other data driven Web building technologies. .NET offers a rich suite of features that do not require the manual line by line programming that you see in other technologies such as PHP, Cold Fusion, and even Microsoft's Classic ASP. Things that take hours in those technologies can be done in minutes in .NET.

While the advantages of ASP.NET would be too numerous to cover in one article, here are the basic reasons why ASP.NET has evolved beyond all other Web development technologies:
  • Ease of Development and Deployment. Common everyday Website features (such as URL Rewrites) are already built in to the framework.
  • Constantly Updated and Improved Upon. ASP.NET is continually growing with new rich features added with every release and new releases of ASP.NET occur every one to two years.
  • Compiled. Business and data logic is compiled in to runtime DLLs that are cached and execute faster.
  • n-Tier Design and Object Oriented. ASP.NET can be organized in to layers of code that seperate design, data processing logic, and data storage keeping code organized and also easily reusable across the application.
  • Advanced Security. ASP.NET has many built-in security features to thwart off security hazards such as script injection attacks and unauthorized access.
  • Visual Studio - a Robust Development Tool. ASP.NET applications are built within Visual Studio - a development software to assist in the ease of building, testing, and deploying ASP.NET applications.
  • Advanced AJAX Support. With other technologies, AJAX functions must be fully written out using a technology such as JQuery. In .NET - it is all built in. Complex interactive sections of pages that do not cause the entire page to refresh can be deployed with just a couple of lines of code.
We have worked with .NET since v1.0.

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