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TConsult can provide AJAX solutions powered by AJAX .NET on multi-functional Web pages and other areas where AJAX .NET makes sense.

AJAX solutions powered by AJAX .NET allow segments of your Web page to stand alone and act as if they were a true desktop application.

One drawback (in some cases) with current Internet browsing is the fact that the ENTIRE browser screen refreshes every time we perform an action despite the fact we may only be updating a certain part of the page.

With AJAX .NET, we can stop this from happening by writing code that will only update that one segment of your Web page where an action is performed without a full screen refresh. This can be very beneficial on complex reporting pages or pages where our data driven functionality is a scrollable amount of distance from the top.

While AJAX .NET is very cool, it should only be implemented on your Website in places where it truly makes sense. One drawback of AJAX .NET is that the lack of a screen refresh breaks the back button in the Internet browser. Since we are not truly re-creating the Web page every time the user performs an action, nothing is written to the browser history.

In addition, users have been trained through the years to rely on the screen refresh in their browser as a way of knowing that some action is processing. If you are not careful or you go overboard with AJAX .NET on your Website, you can confuse your users. AJAX .NET should only be implemented on your Website where it makes the most sense and incorporated in ways that ensure your Website users know their most recent action is processing.

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