.NET Framework / Web Forms

Web Forms on the .NET framework, introduced in 2001, has stood the test of time and remains in wide use today as organizations leverage it's power for applications that are heavily form driven.

Web Forms on .NET Framework picture

Are you still leveraging Web Forms for your data-driven site? We don't blame you. We still think it's a wonderful technology to be using for applications with heavy form integration.

Our experience with Web Forms runs deep. We have developed applications with it since it was released in 2001, in both VB.NET and C#. In addition, we have integrated additional packages and components in to Web Forms such as NuGet Packages, AJAX.NET, Telerik Controls, Active Reports, ABCPDF.NET, and Bootstrap among many others.

We've deployed Web Form applications on Azure, standard cloud platforms, dedicated servers, Virtual Machines, and simple shared hosting. Many of these systems we have also maintained for clients.

Microsoft announced in early 2019 that .NET Framework 4.8 would be the last .NET Framework release as Microsoft moves in the direction of development platforms and coding practices that no longer are dependent on the operating system (their technologies will run on any operating system). But as long as you have Windows Server then you will still be able to use the .NET Framework and many organizations are sure to be using it for many years to come.