.Net Core / MVC Application Development

Modern Web applications that are mobile friendly and integrate nicely with the cloud

Web Forms on .NET Framework picture

Applications are always changing. As they get bigger they are even harder to change. Changing an application often leads to undesired results as they commonly are a mix of presentation methods, business processing methods, and database methods. Wouldn't it be great if our presentation. business, and database methods were all compartmentalized? Welcome to MVC!

MVC (model/view/controller) is the modern way that applications are being developed allowing for easier changes, more reliable changes, and quicker turn-arounds on projects.

Advantages of MVC
  • Light-weight architecture that removes the heaviness that came with Web Forms.
  • Simple database integration with Microsoft's new "Code First" paradigm that allows database changes to be done right in the code.
  • Much easier to make mobile friendly using Bootstrap integration
Our experience with MVC applications has been on .NET Core. .NET Core is an open-source development platform capable of running on any operating system. You are not just bound to Windows Server anymore.

We have built MVC applications that are hosted in Azure and other conventional hosting services.