Azure Cloud

Versatile. Scalable. Powerful. Automated. Azure Cloud is more than just a hosting platform. Organizations are leveraging Azure Cloud to run their entire software management teams from Scrum to Agile to Deployment.

Azure Cloud picture
While traditonal Web hosting services are still around, they are becoming a thing of the past for enterprise solutions and small businesses alike. Azure is a secure and stable hosting platform. For those with teams, it can be your hosting, development, and operations all in one.

Organizations looking to leverage Azure's pre-defined platform can take advantage of Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) to run apps on the pre-built scalable platform known as App Service. Organizations with complex systems may go for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which is custom architecture that gives you full control just like a dedicated server.

We have experience with both platforms.

In addition, we have also taken advantage of DevOps for code repository, project management, and to employ CI/CD (Custom Integration / Custom Deployment).