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Located in Rochester (USA, New York) but servicing clients nationwide, TConsult Web Dev is one of the longest standing Web development firms in the United States. Since 1997, we have worked with a variety of different businesses (in many different industries) to provide robust, data driven Web-based solutions. All development is done in-house at our location.

We're nothing like programmers! Our clients have told us for years. We respectfully apologize to the competition. We are a friendly and reliable firm that cares deeply about your business. We have vast experience with large Websites that see thousands of users per day. You can trust us.
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What We Do

ASP.NET programming utilizing SQL databases that run on Microsoft IIS Web servers to provide high powered, robust, data driven Websites and Web-based applications.

How We Do It

We want to hear all about you, your business, and your application development needs. Once we learn more about you and what your goals are, we will spend quite a bit of time with you to determine the scope of your project and then put a development plan into action. This is the time where you show us any documentation that you have and, together, we go through a process of discovery to determine exactly what your application will need and when.

Once the project is scoped out, development will begin. The deadline for your project will vary based on the amount of development work that is required. In most cases, the site is released within 30 days. Other times, development may take longer.

There is an old saying in software circles, "Software is never done". Normally there are additional features that are added to a Website after the initial release. We will provide those additions and updates for you per our contractual agreement. We are here for the long haul.


Pricing varies depending on the size of your project and development needs. Rarely does a client ever present us with a project that does not cost at least $3,600.00 to initially develop.

We bill on an hourly rate for small projects. For larger and on-going projects, we like to establish a long-term bi-weekly agreement that allows for more development at a lower cost.

We take your investment seriously. Our availability and response time is second to none. That's why we have lasted all these years.

Getting Started

Simply call us at (585) 309-5638 or email us to discuss your project needs today.

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